The dead

In my country when people are sick nobody comes to their aid.

When they die that is when people come to see the family.

People come along with gifts, money, food, they prayers and a lot.

Why come to visit the person when he or she is dead I’ve been thinking of this for so long and I think people pay more attention to then more than the sick.

The number of people you will at a person funeral in my country can reach 10,000 mean while when the person was not even half of that number of people will even go to see the person.

In my country when a person dies living infant children, people will be like am crying for the children he or she has left behind, others say am crying for soul.

In my country we spend more money than the sick, why spending more on the burial of someone. Stay tuned for more


My my name is Winifred

My blog is about life in many ways . Life chose us but we never asked for life.

Many are born rich, and many are born poor

Many are born homeless and many are helpless

Many are born helpless and many many are born crippled

Many are born dead.

But we still still living life. What is this this life that we living?